The goal here, as in with all our resources is to provide, essentially, the raw materials that represents the writing.

Here in the music category that means lyrics, chords, and melody. It’s up to you to interpret and perform–to put the human back in.

Think of it. A book by a great author is meaningless until picked up and read. You interpret strings of letters, words, and paragraphs–and breath life of understanding into it.

That is why we are publishing our music in text notation. The ABC music notation language can be edited without the need of special software. An ABC file can be converted to midi. Midi can be converted to ABC. And the raw text file is human readable!

We’ll be always looking for volunteers who can help take a submitted audio recording to transcribe into ABC.

Text is King

Because this is project that deals with public domain work (and community access) I feel it is right to ensure the catalog remains a body of text. Text formats of music (ABC), screenplays (Fountain), and others are a stable form that don’t require costly software or lock out other people from reading and using the composition submitted.

You can submit your own text work at the Inbox.

If you want to submit a pdf or sound recording or something other than text please contact me at