I’ve been a technician in support of the arts for most of my life. Most recently I’ve established the Public Domain Foundry. It’s the artist contributions here that are most important but if you’re interested in a bit of my background, read on.

Out of high school, I moved to Los Angeles and worked as a movie and commercial locations representative for the American Film Locations Company.

Coming back to Texas with more cash than talent, I played guitar in a couple of raunchy cover bands. When affordably priced digital multi tracks first came out we drove to New Orleans to buy a pair of ADATs. I fell in love with the recording process and was soon recording demos and independent releases for area bands.

I moved on to do stage craft, production quality control and spent time with “Corporate Rock.”

Then I landed in beautiful Santa Fe, NM, and settled into work as a freelance technician. There I discovered the hotsprings-like benefits of not taking anything too seriously.

In 2003, I began work with a group actors in our free time and together we released a string of audio books under LiteralSystems, Loudlit.org, and Verkaro.org. It was hard but gratifying work that won us some appreciation. Our product was mentioned kindly in the New York Times, earned high rankings with iTunes, and was used in the Netflix series production of House of Cards.

I am thankful to Todd Fadoir, Gordon W. Draper, and the actors who lent themselves to make those recordings and the experience of producing them possible.

I’ve always loved best the kind of work that lends life some meaning, some purpose. I believe the goal we set with PD foundry has the impact of value, both in the near and the long run. If you haven’t read about statement please take a moment and look it over. We’d love to have you onboard.